Do You Want Glowing Skin?

The Perfect Image Glow Facial

Have you wondered why celebrities at the Oscars have such glowing skin? The Perfect Image Glow Facial a noninvasive technology in one simple step may be the answer! The Perfect Image Glow Facial utilizes microdermabrasion which does more than skim the surface. In one step it exfoliates, extracts, debris, and infuses serums to deliver nourishment to the skin when the pores are open.
The result is a radiant skin that lasts! For best results 3 treatments 2-4 weeks apart is recommended.

The Perfect Image Glow PLUS Facial

This facial includes The Perfect Image Glow Facial treatment PLUS a lactic acid peel.
A lactic acid chemical peel improves and smooths the texture of the skin by removing its damaged upper most layers. It promotes the growth of a new layer of skin that is smoother and younger-looking. It helps diminish fine lines, acne, and hyperpigmentation (brown spots). It is hydrating and one of the gentler chemical peels.